Nyla *Transferred to Min Pin Rescue*

Meet Nyla, a 6-and-a-half year old Miniature Pinscher. Nyla is the type of tiny dog who tries to counter her size by having a tough, bossy attitude. Don’t buy it though, she’s really a sweet, social gal. She enjoys getting regular walks with her people and the occasional playtime. Nyla would prefer to be the only pet in a new home, however she would be happy to share a home with older, gentle children. Big things come in little packages, and Nyla certainly embodies that with her personality, friendliness, and energy. If Nyla sounds like the dog for you then stop on by the shelter today to meet her.


Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $99

Sex: Female

Breed: Min Pin

Age: 6 1/2 years