Onyx 03/24

A regal, yet silly girl who loves her humans.

Name: Onyx
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Size: Medium/Large
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Energy Level: Medium/High
Likes: Long walks, stuffy toys and using treats to practice my manners.

Are you looking for a girl that is ready for adventure but also enjoys the low-key life? When you first meet me you’ll notice my stunning, regal beauty right away. Once we get to know each other my playful side will start to show. I love to chase and play with my stuffy toys around the house as well as spending time sniffing and exploring during long walks outside.

I love my humans and can’t wait to meet my new family. I prefer to keep my humans all to myself inside and outside the home. My perfect match will be happy keeping me as the only pet. I look forward to exploring those serene areas away from the hustle and bustle where we don’t have to worry about those pesky other dogs distracting us from the beautiful ambiance.

I originally came to the shelter as a stray so nothing is known about my past experience with children. I prefer my match have respectful children that can give me space when I need it. If you have children bring them into the shelter and let’s meet!

I’m still young and have lots of things I want to learn! Can you teach me? I would like a match who wants to have fun while building a relationship based on teamwork with me. I am soooo smart and I can’t wait to show off how fast I can learn. I’ve even gone to some obedience classes here at the shelter with volunteers.

There is so much more to me than I can fit in this little profile. Come in and meet me today!

Pet Info:

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Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 4 years