Onyx 03/24

A regal, yet silly girl who loves her humans.

Name: Onyx
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Size: Medium/Large
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Energy Level: Medium/High
Likes: Long walks, stuffy toys and using treats to practice my manners.

Are you looking for a girl that is ready for adventure but also enjoys the low-key life? When you first meet me you’ll notice my stunning, regal beauty right away. Once we get to know each other my playful side will start to show. I love to chase and play with my stuffy toys around the house as well as spending time sniffing and exploring during long walks outside.

I love my humans and can’t wait to meet my new family. I prefer to keep my humans all to myself inside and outside the home. My perfect match will be happy keeping me as the only pet. I look forward to exploring those serene areas away from the hustle and bustle where we don’t have to worry about those pesky other dogs distracting us from the beautiful ambiance.

I originally came to the shelter as a stray so nothing is known about my past experience with children. I prefer my match have respectful children that can give me space when I need it. If you have children bring them into the shelter and let’s meet!

I’m still young and have lots of things I want to learn! Can you teach me? I would like a match who wants to have fun while building a relationship based on teamwork with me. I am soooo smart and I can’t wait to show off how fast I can learn. I’ve even gone to some obedience classes here at the shelter with volunteers.

There is so much more to me than I can fit in this little profile. Come in and meet me today!

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $99

Sex: Female

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 4 years

Obedience Student

“I first met Onyx today in her kennel when I was getting ready to take her to Shelter Dog Obedience class. I was struck by her beauty and calm demeanor. She patiently waited while I adjusted the gentle lead, and then walked calmly with me past barking dogs as we went outside. She loved being outside and sniffing all that was around her. Onyx knows basic commands (sit, watch me, down). Her focus dissolved as she saw other dogs and strained to go be with them. Could this high energy dog be re-directed? Absolutely! Onyx responds well to treats, and the gentle but firm direction of her “person.” She is a smart, beautiful girl who is waiting for the right person(s), who will give her the love, attention, and continued training that she so deserves. Onyx is a gem!” Susan, AWS Volunteer

“A very smart and lovable dog. Most well behaved walker! She even gave me a kiss when we returned.” Elijah, AWS Volunteer

“Such a pretty girl.  She’s a dog that people need to give a chance.  She barks and jumps in her kennel and if you go in, she’s  timid and backs away from your trying to leash her, but if you squat down, she’ll come over and want to be patted.  She’s head shy, so don’t come over top of her as it makes her nervous, but once you get her leashed up, she walks very well.  I’ve used a gentle leader which she doesn’t mind at all.  Once outside, we walked towards the playground and, on her own, she went up the stairs to the slide with the tube at the top.  Again, on her own, went right into and thru the top.  Very confident and curious in that environment.  A bit reactive to other dogs, she may whine and get excited or bark.  Just needs some manners work and socialization. “ Stacy, AWS Volunteer