Penelope 10/03

7 yrs, Female, Short Hair

Would prefer not to live with dogs in a new home

A wonderful write-up from her foster family is below…

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $35

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 7 years

“Penelope is an inquisitive, curious and quirky kitty looking for a home where she can explore.  She does well with gentle, easy going cats.  Dogs are noisy, dirty and too boisterous if you ask Penelope and she’s not afraid to share that! She likes to play with laser pointers and kitty teasers. Though she may be shy in new situations it doesn’t take Miss Penelope long to come out of her shell.  She is a sassy girl with lots of stories to tell once she settles in!  She has plenty of stories to tell about her survival after being rescued off the streets with a life threatening infection that almost cost her, her life.  Thankfully the Animal Welfare Society rushed her to the vet to perform an emergency spay that saved her life. She will follow you around the house and affectionately ask for a chin scratch before she takes her afternoon snooze. She is grateful for her second chance at life and can’t wait to find the perfect home! Come check her out, she sure is one of a kind.”