Pip Squeak 11/9

Meet Pip Squeak, a 1-year old Robo Hamster. In case you were wondering, no, “Robo” has nothing to do with “robotic” or the like. It’s actually short for Roborovski, the discoverer of this particular breed. Robos are known to be among the smallest of Hamster breeds, measuring in at about 2 inches as adults. Pip Squeak is certainly true to his breed and is an itty bitty cutie. While he spends most of days napping under shredded paper or in hidey holes, he can be quite energetic. When he gets on a wheel he’ll go for miles. Pip Squeak is quite friendly and doesn’t mind getting attention from visitors. Being so small and adorable, Pip Squeak would make a great addition to just about any household. All he needs is a habitat stocked with all the hamster necessities and plenty of love from his people to keep him healthy and happy. If you’d like to add a Pip Squeak to your home then stop on by the shelter today to meet him.

Pet Info:

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Breed: Robo Hamster

Age: 1 years