Pippa 07/11

Pippa has proven to be super-curious and interested in the world at large. Our guess is that in her prior home she wasn’t walked much; and given where she was found, we know she wasn’t in an urban environment. When walking, she wants to really explore, smelling and seeing everything she can. This enthusiasm has the side effect of her pulling on her leash, which results in some throat irritation, so she’s been fitted with a harness, and that should be standard equipment for her walks. If she is adopted by a family in an urban setting, they should understand that this little country girl is still getting used to city sights, sounds, and smells, and could really benefit from some leash training (AWS offers a great training program).

She’s a good eater. She sleeps very well. Apparently, her previous owner permitted her to sleep in bed with them, because she would not settle down her first night (and every night) unless she was brought up into her foster parents’ bed. The good news is that she’s not obnoxious when she gets there. She takes her spot in between both parents at knee or leg level, and stays there without fidgeting all night.

In her foster home, she was immediately ok with the painted plywood floor of the sun room, but at first she was very anxious and immobile on the hardwood floor of the bedroom, and not so confident on the ceramic tile floors. After a week, however, she gained more confidence and now walks just fine on the ceramic tile, and has done some walking on the hardwood floors, so she HAS adjusted. If she goes to a home with hard floors, her family will need to be patient while she gains confidence on those floors, and they might consider buying some inexpensive carpet runners so she can get around while she acclimates.

She has good canine manners when meeting other dogs, and gotten along incredibly well (and immediately so) with the other dogs in the house – as well as the two cats, whom she generally ignores. There have been no issues at all. And although she barks a lot when she meets people, it’s due to excitement, and she’s really nice and affectionate with new people that she meets.

She doesn’t like her arms and paws to be handled if she doesn’t know you very well, but as she grows to know and trust you, she relaxes about it. (If you need to get her harness on her, and she’s been asleep, give her a moment to wake up.) She was, overall, very good for her groomer, although she did give the groomer some trouble when she tried to work out some knots in Pippa’s armpits.

She can be very playful, especially when she feels the wonderful grass beneath her feet, and she will engage you, play-bowing and hopping while she gives you excited yips. If you’re not moving fast enough, she might just grab her leash in her mouth and try to pull you along! It’s really cute, and great to see that spirit in a mature lady.

Overall, she’s a fantastic little dog whose personality has been blossoming as we get to know her in her foster home, and given some guidance and patience on her leash manners, she’s going to make some lucky family a great companion!

Pet Info:

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Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Age: 8 years