Rapunzel 02/21

3 yrs, Female, American Shelter Dog

Good with dogs and children

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $255

Sex: Female

Breed: American Shelter Dog

Age: 3 years

The Animal Welfare Society is fortunate to have volunteers who take adoptable dogs through the obedience classes.  They also spend quality time, playing with, walking, and running the dogs. Here’s what some volunteers had to say about Rapunzel:

“Every now and then a dog comes through our shelter that makes a lasting impression on you; Rapunzel certainly falls into that category.  Most impressive is her attitude, nothing is impossible and all challenges are undertaken with pure joy and excitement.  She loves to go for walks and frequently, literally dances with joy.  She sometimes gets so happy that she falls nose first, but gets up smiling with a wagging tail as if nothing happened.  Meeting people and just quietly hugging are also among her favorite pastimes.  You would never know that she does all this on three legs.  I don’t think that being handicapped even crosses her mind.   Rapunzel is an inspiration to anyone who meets her and you cannot help but admire her “can do” attitude.  I enjoy spending time with her and love the way she puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.” Malte