Rose & Emily – Adopted 03/20

Yes, we have pigs for adoption. Pigs! But can you blame us? Look at these two! Meet Rose and Emily, a mother-daughter bonded pair of Pot Bellied Pigs who are looking for a home together. They are used to living in a barn like environment with an outdoor setting. They are very clean and may be able to be transitioned to living inside someday. Rose can be very protective of her daughter but after she trusts you, all is well. Emily is a little bit more of a nervous nelly, but with quality socialization she should come around greatly. She’s already quite keen on seeing what’s going on when new people come to visit.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $150 for the pair

Sex: Female

Breed: Pot Bellied Pig

Age: 4 months and 1 1/2 years

Weight: 25 lbs & 75 lbs.



Mama Rose and her daughter Emily