Roxy – Adopted 09/15

Roxy is available by appointment only. Interested parties, please submit an adoption survey to her foster mom via email. Questions? Call (207) 985-3244 and ask to speak to Nicky.

Let’s have an honest conversation… are you a little high maintenance? A clean freak? Type A? But most importantly enjoy investing in and taking care of something for a greater purpose? Then Roxy may be the dog for you! Roxy is quite the character and true to her bull terrier breed; lively, loyal, a touch of obsessive (aren’t we all), and sweet as pie.

Roxy does great with all ages, enjoys the company of cats, but is picky about living with dogs. She takes her self titled role as princess a little to seriously sometimes…

From Roxy’s awesome foster mom:
“I’ve been fostering this princess for 5 months now, why so long you ask? Because (in the name of love), she is a hot mess. Roxy has extreme allergies, and when she came to us at AWS they hadn’t been properly diagnosed and cared for. Through tedious diagnostics and trials, we have gotten her skin under control,  and she is finally comfortable. Roxy’s medical needs are lifelong, and she is looking for a home that can accommodate those needs both environmentally and financially.

Roxy’s routine includes foot soaks, every other day bathing, and weekly immunotherapy injections administered at home, along with other allergy management protocols including cleaning and diet.

She loves car rides, licking your feet, and sneaking cat turds. Not necessarily in that order so watch yourself. The high amount of care you give into Roxy she gives back ten fold in adoration to her person, she makes a great sidekick.”

See Roxy’s recent appearance on WGME 13!

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $150

Sex: Female

Breed: Bull terrier

Age: 8 years

Weight: 35 lbs.



Roxy’s foster mom is in vet tech school. Roxy loves going to class and is a big help teaching the students!

Roxy gets a bath every other day to keep her skin issues comfortably under control.

Such a sweetheart!