Sanka 10/09

8 mos, Female, Pit Bull

Good with dogs, cats, and children

Below is a very detailed write-up of Sanka from her foster family.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $315

Sex: Female

Breed: Pit Bull

Age: 8 months

Meet Sanka! She’s the most adorable and sweetest puppy you would ever hope to meet and adopt! Sanka is a healthy and happy 6 month old mixed breed. Sanka’s got quite the story to tell though for her short life so far, and I’d like to tell it for her!

Sanka’s story begins in rural South Georgia. She and her 3 other brothers and sisters were being sold at Wal-Mart for $25 each to anyone that would pay. A lady came up that couldn’t bear the thought of them going to anyone that would pay that little amount, and she bought them all. She took them to a vet to be checked out and get care, and then she gave them to our rescue group. They were no more than 5 wks old at that time.

They were in foster here with our rescue group and then it came their day to transport north. Sanka had little blood bruises all over her belly and so she couldn’t go. It was determined that she was having an auto immune response. She was treated and the veterinarian wasn’t sure if it would work or not and wasn’t sure if little Sanka would make it or not. But I couldn’t bear to watch her live her life in a cage at the vet clinic. So, we brought her home, to give her the life a puppy deserves, no matter what her fate would be.

And so begins Sanka’s life with us! Sanka did all the things that puppies do! She played with our dogs, slept, chewed on bones and played with toys, etc. She was a good puppy from the start. Her most fun summer activity was swimming…she loves the water!

Sanka had lots of dog friends here. Our middle aged boxer, Luke, took her on as “HIS” puppy. He spent lots of time babysitting her! Then, Sanka had another good friend here, another foster dog named Zazu, a little min pin. Sanka’s condition improved…she was deemed healthy enough to transport to Maine. We were all happy for her but sad for us, but we knew she’d get a wonderful home. We had Sanka spayed here to make sure that everything would go well, and it did.

Sanka has been eating either Purina Pro Plan puppy food or Nutro Puppy Max. She eats twice a day/morning and night, a cup each feeding.

Sanka is doing very well with her housetraining. I expect in a new house and routine and schedule there will be an adjustment period, so please be patient with her. She does best on a good routine that she can learn and know what to expect. She needs to go out first thing in the morning upon waking up, before she eats or plays. She needs to go out after each meal. She will bark to let you know that she needs to go out now.

She’s not too bad with inappropriate chewing, but still keep a close eye on her. We give her lots of toys, chew bones and rawhides to keep her busy and stimulated and this has seemed to help. I suggest continue with giving her appropriate things to chew as she really enjoys them.

Sanka has been crate trained and sleeps in a crate at night and stays in her crate while we are gone. I would highly suggest continuing crating her in a large crate with toys and water when no one is home or when no one can monitor her.

We’ve had little Sanka since she was 11 weeks old, and now she’s 6 months. It is very hard to let her go but we know there’s someone out there waiting to spoil her, and that she will bring joy to whoever’s life she comes into.
We sent a care package with her to go to her new forever home, and we ask that you please contact us to let us know that she is adopted and loved. We’d love to hear from her and to know she is safe at home and loved. We would also be happy to help in any way and answer any questions that could help with her adjustment period.

Also, there is a reunion in Maine every summer that we come to and we would LOVE to see Sanka there!

Thank you, Heather and Aaron