Snap 08/15

5 yrs, Male, Great Dane

Transfer from Georgia. His foster family provided a wonderful write-up on Snap that you can read below.

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $285

Sex: Male

Breed: Great Dane


The story of Snap starts in rural Carroll County, Georgia. Snap lived there with a female Dane housemate. His owners lost their home and had to move into a small apartment and didn’t feel that they could take 2 Great Danes with them. They turned Snap and his female companion into their county Animal Control facility. This facility is open intake, but they do have to euthanize for space because of the number of animals that get turned in daily. Snap’s female buddy was quickly adopted from the shelter, but Snap tested positive for heartworms and so unfortunately he was slated to be euthanized. Road Trip Home Animal Rescue saw the beauty in this sweet, big boy…inside and out…and decided that he was worth saving, getting back to health, and getting a second chance.

Snap came to our home for foster care in April. The first thing that we did for Snap was to do a gastropexy (stomach tack). This is where a vet tacks his stomach to help prevent bloat from being fatal in the event that it happens. Then, he went through his heartworm treatment and had the chance to comfortably rest and recover. All went very well with his heartworm treatment…there were no issues at all and he is in terrific health. He will need to be on monthly heartworm prevention, as all dogs need to be, for the remainder of his life. He should be seen by a vet for a follow up heartworm test in January and at that time he should test heartworm negative. His last dose of heartworm prevention was Trifexis given on August 3rd and he will need his next dose on September 1st and then the first of every month thereafter. Since it has become summer in Georgia, Snap has been battling seasonal allergies. I keep those under control by giving him six 25 mg Benadryl with his dinner. The allergies only started in mid-June, so his vet believes them to be from the humid, hot Georgia summers. Our vet told us last week that the best thing we could do for Snap’s allergies is to get him out of Georgia, which was exactly the plan…to get him to Maine!

Here is a picture of him resting while recovering from heartworm treatment:


While at our home, Snap was around many dogs of all sizes, and he had no issues with any dogs. Of course, with a dog of his size, you want to do careful introductions to new dogs in the home with 2 people present.

Snap would be fine in a home with other dogs, but he really craves human love and attention. His people are what is most important to him, and he loves everyone. I would suggest that he be in a home with older children and ages above, just purely due to his size.

Snap is completely housetrained. He would do best on a good schedule or routine. Snap is not destructive at all in a home. He is used to eating INNOVA dog food, and he eats about 2-3 cups morning and night. He loves biscuits and treats as well. He does not do well with rawhide bones, they make him throw up, so I would discourage from giving him such treats.

Snap is very smart and listens well. Do not let him be the one in control, the owner or handler should be the one in control. He will listen if told to stay back if he’s trying to get out in front of his person on leash. He needs someone who can handle a dog of his size in a calm manner. He can be a little mouthy, he loves to hold your hand in his mouth and nibble on it, but he easily corrects from this when told no. He knows “sit” and he also knows “give paws”…if you ask him to give paws, he will sit up on his back legs and give you both front paws.

Snap needs soft comfortable padded beds to lay on because of his size and to support his big bones. He loves laying on his soft beds!!! Also, please take care of Snap to help avoid bloat which big barrel chested dogs care prone to. Snap should not run or be active within half an hour before or after eating to allow his food to digest and move through his stomach. He also should eat and drink from an elevated feeder. Please research the signs of bloat so you would know what it looks like if it happens.

Snap is a really, really special dog and I have come to love him very much, it’s quite easy to do. Snap is a great dog and will do well in many different home situations. If you are considering adopting Snap, and have never had giant breed dogs before, do please think about the costs…his food costs are high because he eats a lot! And, medications and vetting are more expensive for him because of his size. But if you can manage this, he will be a wonderful dog and will give back to you in love tenfold!

If you are the lucky person that adopts Snap, please contact me! I’d love to hear that he’s in his home forever and I would also like to help ease the transition period by answering any questions!

Heather and Aaron or 678-227-1582