Wyndel 06/04

10 mos, Male, American Shelter Dog, 50 lbs.

Good with dogs, cats, and children

Pet Info:

Adoption Fee: $315

Sex: Male

Breed: American Shelter Dog

Age: 10 months

The Animal Welfare Society is fortunate to have volunteers who take adoptable dogs through the obedience classes.  They also spend quality time, playing with, walking, and running the dogs. Here’s what some volunteers had to say about Wyndel:

“If you grew up with a teddy bear and you miss hugging someone who adores you and listens to what you have to say no matter your mood, please take a look at Wyndel.  He is a young man who just loves to be hugged and tries to melt into you the more you hug him.  And then there are the kisses, not just a wet kiss as if to lick gravy from your face, Wyndel’s kisses are gentle, thoughtful, and with complete eye contact to show that he adores you and means it.  Although he may be perfectly content to hang out and smooch all day, Wyndel also relishes a walk and is eager to learn and show off his intelligence. Wyndel is still a young man and with those qualities, watching him mature can only be fun and rewarding.  He is thrilled to be with people and makes you happy in the process; good medicine under any circumstance.” Malte