Puppy Start Right

One-on-one training session for puppies!

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting and often nerve-racking. Find answers to your questions, guidance and support from a certified trainer. Get your puppy and family started off on the right paw with a special one-on-one lesson here at AWS.  For puppies 5 months and younger.

Before your lesson, you will receive and email with information on getting your home ready for puppy. Your email will also include a curated list of training tools and equipment suggestions such Kong and puzzle toys, crate, non-retractable leash, collar/harness and training treats. This email is intended to get your prepared for your in-person lesson.

During your in-person lesson we will cover topics such as:

      • Review of positive reinforcement and using treats to train
      • Conditioning your puppy to wearing a leash and collar
      • AWS Puppy name game
      • Cues: Sit, Touch, Find-it
      • Housetraining tips and how to survive the puppy biting stage

After your lesson is complete you will receive an email with relevant handouts that review what was discussed.

Puppy Start Right lessons last approximately 45 minutes. Lessons will fill up fast so please get started by filling out this form below. One of our trainers will be in touch to schedule your lesson.

Look for a group class for your puppy? See our Puppy Kindergarten or Puppy Learn and Play options.

Puppy Start Right

NOTE: Puppy Start Right lessons are available to puppies 5 months and younger.

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