Resident Dog Program

Members of our canine training team spend time with nearly all canine resident here at AWS. Our trainers assess each dog’s training and behavior, and often put together a plan to keep them active and engaged during their time at AWS.

Our trainers and staff work one-on-one with shelter dogs to teach them new skills or reinforce the skills they already know. We also often hold group training classes for our resident dogs, which we lovingly call “shelter dog class.”

The individualized attention and group classes keep the dogs engaged, enriched and challenged while they wait for their new homes. Observing the dogs in class and one-on-one allows us to learn more about their personalities and capabilities, which we share with their new families. Teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors while at AWS sets the dogs’ off on the right foot with their new families. We encourage all adopters to continue their dog’s training, especially with classes right here at AWS.