Terms & Conditions


Updated 7-14-21

Please note: We have adopted CDC guidelines and allow fully vaccinated members of the public to come into the building without a face covering.  We ask unvaccinated individuals to continue to mask up for the safety of everyone who visits and takes classes at AWS. If you need a mask, we are happy to provide one. Masks are not required for outside classes, regardless of vaccination status, provided social distancing can be maintained.

Scheduling & Cancellation

  • Registrations for all training programs will be conducted via phone, email or website.
  • Notice of any program changes or cancellations will be sent via email.
  • Outdoor classes and programs may be cancelled or moved inside due to inclement weather.


  • Training staff will perform a daily health self-assessment before arriving at AWS. Should training staff have symptoms, they will follow AWS’ call out policy and group classes will be postponed if another trainer is not available to substitute. All students will be notified immediately.
  • All equipment and shared hard surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized between classes and clients. All cleaning supplies used at AWS are veterinary-grade and proven to eliminate a wide variety of pathogens including coronavirus.
  • Where possible, ground markings and barriers may be used to facilitate social distancing protocols.
  • Chairs will not be provided outdoors. Students are encouraged to bring their own chairs if they think they will need to sit down while outside.

Group Classes

  • Classes will be held outdoors as much as possible factoring in weather and daylight.
  • Please dress accordingly for the weather with no open toed shoes. Wearing bug spray may be necessary for added comfort.
  • Each handler/owner may bring one guest with them for outdoor classes. We ask that only ONE handler/owner per dog attend class when held inside. If circumstances require you to have more attendees, please contact the training department FMI.
  • Please DO NOT let your dog greet another dog. This way we can keep our dogs focused and ready to learn.
  • Students will not be allowed to congregate in any entryway, exit, or other common space before or after their lesson/class. Social distancing practices will be required.
  • All students and dogs from a class must be completely out of the training area before the next class can enter. Please arrive on time but remain in your car or at a safe social distance until the current class has been dismissed.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and encouraged to use at the entrance/exit doors upon arrival and departure.

Private Consultations

  • Private consults may be held inside the training classroom, outside or a combination of the two.
  • Please dress accordingly for the weather with no open toed shoes.
  • Social distancing practices will be required both indoors and outside.
  • Please remain in your car or at a safe social distance outside until your scheduled appointment time. Staff will greet you at the training room entrance promptly at your appointment time.

For questions, please email the training department and we will get back to you as soon as we can.