Reasons to Adopt a Rooster

Just like any other animal that finds itself without a home, roosters deserve to be adopted out and cared for. It seems, however, that even with the growing interest in keeping backyard chickens, roosters tend to be overlooked. But did you know that there are many good reasons to add a rooster to your flock? You might just be surprised at how quirky and caring these regal birds can really be!

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Volunteer at Home

Thank you for your interest in helping the animals at AWS! For students looking to fulfill community service hours or for caring individuals who just want to lend a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of projects to help guide you as you volunteer from the comfort of your home!

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Microchips Keep Families Together

WHAT IS A MICROCHIP?: A microchip is a small device (the size of a grain of rice) inserted under a pet’s skin, usually in the back of their neck. A microchip contains contact information, similar to what you engrave on your pet’s tag. As tags often fall off when a pet gets lost or they accidentally get out of the house without wearing a collar, a microchip ensures you can be located if your pet is found. A common misconception is that a microchip is a GPS tracker that can help you locate your missing pet. While it is not a GPS tracker, it is a crucial part of a swift reunion for a lost pet and its beloved family.

HOW DOES A MICROCHIP WORK?: A microchip contains your contact information electronically. Though a linked website, you can keep your information up-to-date. All animal shelters, most veterinarians and many police departments have special microchip scanners. When an unidentified pet comes in, a quick scan will reveal if there is a chip. If there is, the contact information will pop up and a reunion can be facilitated immediately.

WHERE TO GET A MICROCHIP?: Microchips can be inserted at a veterinarian’s office. It’s a painless procedure that takes only a few minutes.

All dogs and cats adopted from AWS have a microchip – it is part of the adoption fee. At adoption, AWS counselors instruct the pet’s new owner on how to enter the proper contact information.

If you are unsure if your pet has a microchip, or if you would like your pet to get one, the Community Veterinary Clinic, right here at AWS, can help. Our licensed veterinary technicians offer stand-alone microchip appointments for $30, or you can have one inserted during your pet’s wellness visit or during any procedure. Please call the Clinic at (207) 292-2424 or fill out our New Client Form to get started.


Last month, a young male black cat came to AWS as a stray from a neighboring town. He had no collar or tags. The first thing we did – as always – is scan him for a microchip. Immediately, his name, Goblin, and family’s contact information popped up. Within an hour of his arrival, Goblin’s people were here to pick him up!

“Thank you again so much for re-uniting us with our kitty Goblin! It was such a shock that he’d been found, he had been missing for two months, if not a little over! Thank goodness for the microchip 🙂  We are so happy to have him back!!” Goblin spent his first few days back catching up on lost naps ( ⤵️  ) and lost meals!



How to Adopt

Thank you for choosing the Animal Welfare Society as a place to adopt a pet! We thank you for your patience and understanding as we operate our Adoption Center to adhere to social distancing protocols and practices. At this time, all adoptions are by appointment.
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AWS Alumni

Ever wondered how the past pets of AWS are doing now? Check out our alumni page to see heartwarming updates on animals adopted out to their perfect homes!

Pet Blog

From their paws… to your heart! Whether it’s a dog who likes to blog, a cat that enjoys a chat, a bird who shares the word or the occasional funny bunny, you’ll love hearing from our pets directly! They’ll tell you – in their own words – what they wish for in a new home and why they will make a great pet for you and your family!