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Training for All Dogs

 We have adjusted protocols for our group class, drop in sessions and private consultation to adhere to State and CDC mandates on sanitation and social distancing. Learn more.

If you are looking to register for new classes, please check back regularly for updates or subscribe to our New Class Mailing List to be alerted with the most current department news.

We are now able to offer private consultations in-person at AWS. We will continue to offer - and encourage - virtual consultations via phone or a meeting app such as Zoom. After you fill out your private consultation request form, you and the trainer can discuss the type of consultation that's best for you and your dog.

Please visit AWS' FB page and AWS Teachers' Pets FB page for all the latest updates as well as regular training tips and fun videos for you and your dog to enjoy.


Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers know that a dog's training needs are as unique as its breed, size, age or ability. With this in mind, we offer customized content to best cater to each type of dog's needs and to maximize our time spent together in class.  From puppy training to specialty low-impact classes for seniors, there is something for everyone!

In these customized classes, active dogs spend more time running, senior dogs get more breaks as to not wear out elderly joints. Puppies get extra socialization and shy dogs get more time building confidence. And small breeds - there isn't anything a small breed can't do, but special classes just for small wonders keep the jumps, tricks and training to their size.

Ready to get started? Select an image below to see the classes we offer for your dog or visit this page for a full listing.

Looking for something even more personalized? Our private consultations are customized to each individual dog, its family and its needs, whether he/she is small, large, young, old, active, shy and everything in between. If you are looking for individualized attention and behavior advice, a private consultation is for you. Visit our Private Consultation page for more information on how we can help you and your dog in a private session!