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Training for All Dogs

AWS offers a variety of exciting and progressive classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and abilities!

By offering classes and programs by an animal's type, size or age, we can customize the class content to best cater to each type of dog's needs. Active dogs spend more time running, senior dogs get more breaks as to not wear out elderly joints. Puppies get extra socialization and shy dogs get more time building confidence. And small breeds - there isn't anything a small breed can't do, but special classes just for small wonders keep the jumps, tricks and training to their size.

We hope these customized classes and programs maximize the training and socialization for dogs and their people! Ready to get started? Select an image below to see the classes we offer for your dog or visit this page for a full listing.

Please remember that our private consultations are customized to each individual dog, its family and its needs, whether he/she is small, large, young, old, active, shy and everything in between. If you are looking for individualized attention and behavior advice, a private consultation is for you. Visit our Private Consultation page for more information on how we can help you and your dog!