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6 Week Classes

Over the course of six weeks, you and your dog can embark on an adventure together. AWS offers a variety of exciting and progressive classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and abilities.

Core Classes lay the foundation for future training work. They include Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience. We also offer specialized Basic Obedience classes for small breeds, senior dogs and shy dogs.

After completing Basic Obedience, take it to the next level in our Beyond the Basics Series. Classes include agility, rally, nose work, conditioning, obstacles and more!

AKC Title Courses, including Tricks and Canine Good Citizen, are open to basic obedience graduates. In these six week classes, dogs and their handlers work on specific skills, with the title testing taking place on the final week.

Wag It Games is all about having a solid emphasis on teamwork, building a relationship, safety, and FUN for the dog and handler. There are several sections to Wag It Games such as Sniff It, Obstacles, Shadow Skills, Dog Ball, Quarry Quest, Agility, and Water Skills.