Companions for Life Fund

At AWS, WE BELIEVE an individual’s wealth does not represent their capacity to love and care for a companion animal. In accordance with our mission, we are committed to the lifelong bond of people to their pets.

At AWS, WE BELIEVE that no one should have to lose their beloved pet because veterinary care is too expensive to save their life. A pet is a companion, a bright light and source of joy, especially when going through a difficult time. No pet should have to be euthanized or surrendered for adoption because its owner cannot afford veterinary treatment. No loving pet owner should have to make this decision.

AWS offers a solution: our Community Veterinary Clinic.

The Companions for Life Fund is the sustainable future of the Community Veterinary Clinic. Your support of this fund ensures that all pets in need receive the veterinary care and healing treatments they deserve.

Make your gift today. Maintain the strong bond between people and their pets here in your community. Keep pets happy, healthy and at home – right where they belong.

To make a gift, please contact Kerrie Leclair, Director of Development, at (207) 985-3244 ext. 123 or use our secure processor to make a donation by credit card.