Companions for Life Fund

Whether pets come from near or far, here or there, or anywhere in between, they all have one thing in common: they deserve to be happy and healthy. All pets deserve regular access to quality veterinary care, from a simple wellness checkup to a complex surgery, or from a simple round of antibiotics to a complex regimen to treat a chronic condition.

At AWS, our mission is to provide humane care and kindness to animals in need – whether it is an AWS resident awaiting a new home, or belonging to a member of our greater community. We do this through our very own Community Veterinary Clinic. Opened in 2018, the Clinic is a full-service practice, offering a wide array of services and procedures to provide high-quality care to feline and canine patients. With digital x-ray, dental suite, ultrasound, diagnostic lab, two surgery suites, and an in-clinic and online pharmacy, our Clinic serves nearly every need of our furry patients.

We believe that an individual’s wealth does not represent their capacity to love and care for a companion animal. No one should have to lose their beloved pet because veterinary care is too expensive to save their life. A pet is a companion, a bright light and source of joy, especially when going through a difficult time. No pet should be given up because its owner cannot afford veterinary treatment.

Our Clinic’s services are affordable, keeping veterinary care accessible to everyone. But we can’t do it without community support of the Companions for Life Fund, a fund solely dedicated to providing veterinary care to pets in need. Make your gift today. Maintain the strong bond between people and their pets here in your community. Keep pets happy, healthy and at home – right where they belong.

To make a gift, please contact our development office, or call (207) 985-3244 ext. 200. You can also use our secure processor to make a donation by credit card.