Monthly Giving

Support AWS with a dedicated monthly gift to make an impact year round.

Recurring gifts make a huge difference to the pets in our community. For example, each month, ten dollars ($10) gives flea and tick preventative to a stray dog. Fifteen dollars ($15) procures a case of canned cat food which will feed AWS’ feline population for a day.  Thirty dollars ($30) purchases dietary sensitive food for a long-term shelter resident. Fifty dollars ($50) spays a mother cat. Every gift – no matter how big or small – keeps AWS going year round.  Each and every gift is essential to the care and wellbeing of pets in need.

Recurring Online Gifts

The most convenient way to make a monthly gift is to set it up online with your credit card or Paypal account.


Monthly Coupons

Prefer to mail in a check? Shoot us an email and we’ll mail you handy monthly giving coupons. Coupons and checks can be mailed directly to the Animal Welfare Society at PO Box 43 West Kennebunk, ME 04094.

Monthly Cat Food Donations

One of our biggest ongoing needs is canned cat food. We go through about 30 cans a day or 600 cans a month, so the need is always strong. To help supply our cats with high-quality nutrition every day, consider setting up a recurring order of a case or two of canned cat food online. Places like or may be  convenient options. In most cases, your order can be shipped directly to AWS and be put to use immediately to feed our cats.