Spring 2022

Pet-loving friends,

A long, joyful walk … nutritious and regular meals … love and snuggles … 
For so many dogs in our care, these things were luxuries. But here at AWS, they are everyday occurrences.

A clean litter box  … a cozy safe bed … loving attention …
For so many cats, this experience happens for the first time at AWS.

A large enclosure  … daily fresh veggies … snuggles and pets
For so many rabbits and small animals, a healthy place to live and lots of attention at AWS are a whole new world for them.

Some pets come to AWS from the worst of circumstances, from scenarios we can’t describe. But once they get here, they are safe, they are in a place where they can prepare for the next chapter – a much better chapter of their lives. What we do is bring them back to health, give them safety and security, help them trust in people and let them explore and enrich their lives through training, games and toys.

Every pet deserves a happy, safe, healthy and comfortable life, don’t they? And with your help, we rescue them, we heal them and we find them the families they deserve to live out their best lives.

Together we do this.

Please help us write an amazing next chapter for the thousands of dogs, cats and small animals that are coming to us for help this year.  Together we can make sure these deserving pets go from unwanted and neglected to their happily ever after.

With gratitude,

aws executive director