Taya's New Hip

Upon the recommendation of her surgeons, Taya’s surgery has been pushed back a few weeks so she can gain some much needed muscle mass, which will ultimately aid in the speed of her recovery. As she awaits surgery, she’s living the good life in her wonderful foster home, growing her social skills, learning to trust and love her foster people, and lightly exercising before she’s housebound and crate-bound for her long recovery. She’s learning a lot from her caring foster family and their canine pack!

“We have to carry her up/down any steps, so at least 20 times/day, to go in and out. Her legs are getting stronger now that she can move around the house and fenced yard at will, which is good. We are glad she has time to get a little stronger and learn what it’s like to live indoors before she has her surgery.” Lisa, Taya’s foster mom

Our amazing community of supporters has risen to the occasion, contributing nearly $8,000 toward Taya’s surgery! Our specialty surgeon has helped us to meet our goal with a discount on the estimate. We could not be more grateful for everyone that has pitched in to help Taya live a pain-free life.

As you know, there will always be another animal that will need us. Please consider making a donation to support the next animal in need through our Companions for Life Fund.


Total hip replacement – not something that comes to mind when you see a young dog. However, an unlucky combination of genetics and overbreeding left sweet Taya needing a new hip. Taya is feeling tremendous pain and discomfort, making it hard to be her friendly, outgoing self.

We’ve scheduled the highly-involved surgery for next week with a canine orthopedic specialist – and the cost will be nearly $10,000. Post-surgery, Taya will need 3 months of strict crate rest in foster care and then will begin rehab.

Would you be willing to chip in to help us cover this unanticipated bill? Taya hasn’t had an easy past, and she now has a long road ahead of her, but together, we can finally give her the life she deserves. We look forward to updating all of her surgery supporters on her progress and sharing her successes with you. Thank you for being a part of such a special community of animal lovers.

To support Taya’s surgery directly, please make a gift using the below secure processor or mail a check to
Animal Welfare Society – Taya’s Surgery
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