Youth Giving

The Adoption Center is currently closed to visitors so we are unable to give in-person Hero Tours. Please reach out to our Humane Educator to arrange an alternative  – and equally engaging and personalized – program, via a meeting app like Zoom.

The many charitable and compassionate animal-loving children in our community continually amaze us. Their creative and ambitious fundraising endeavors are truly inspiring. From those who set up lemonade stands or organize bake sales to those who collect their change or ask for pet supplies instead of birthday gifts, children wow us daily with their kindness and generosity towards pets in need.

We encourage the parents of youth donors to contact us in advance, before dropping off their donations, so that we may set up a very special Hero Tour just for them. Each hero tour is personalized with a visit with pets, a photo shoot and a certificate. During the tour, children see first hand how their donation makes a difference.

If you aren’t able to schedule a Hero Tour in advance, we always welcome you to stop by and drop off your child’s donations. We’ll be sure to set up a special tour later on, at a time that’s convenient for everyone.