6 Games for Snow-Loving Dogs!

The snow is here and there is a lot of it!  We know it gets a bad rep, but we have 6 fun games to play with your snow-loving pup to help you see the bright side of winter!

1. Hide-and-Treat
It’s no secret that dogs love to work their nose! Snow can be a great obstacle for them to have to sniff around and dig through to find things. Try hiding some of your pup’s favorite treats around the snow in your backyard and see if they can sniff them out. The game is in the search and the reward is in the treat when they find it. It’s a win-win for your snow-loving friend!

2. Fetch… but with snowballs!
The classic game of fetch is great for any season! If you have a dog who loves to retrieve, playing fetch with snowballs can be a fun, new game. Simply pack a pile of loose snowballs to toss at your dog and see if he can catch any in his mouth. For added fun, try sticking a treat inside each ball so whether it’s actually caught or dropped, your dog will get rewarded for their efforts!

3. Build a Snow Maze
This requires a little more work from you, but it’s a whole lot of fun for your dog! If you have a large amount of snow in your yard, try shoveling an intricate path through it starting from your front door. You can make twists and turns and have different paths cross each other. Then, place a line of treats all along the maze and let loose your dog! You two will have a blast running through the paths and your dog will enjoy the tasty treats along the way!

4. Snowy Obstacle Course
If you have a more active dog who’s into agility, building a snowy obstacle course could be tons of fun for your pup. Pack up mounds of snow around a shoveled path or place objects like brooms and chairs for your dog to leap over. Have your kids or family members hold up a hula-hoop for your dog to jump or walk through, and end the course with some tasty treats as a reward. Your whole family will have fun building the course out of snow and your dog will love the physical activity!

5. Go Snowshoeing
If you and your dog are the more outdoorsy types, snowshoeing can be a fun and physical way to play in the snow! Bring your dog along on your favorite snowshoeing paths and have them jog alongside you. Play fun games like ‘I Spy’ or practice basic obedience while you’re out and about. Your dog will love getting outside and it’s a great way for you two to bond!

6. Make Snow-Angels
Who hasn’t made a snow angel? Falling down in the snow and moving all around is a classic dog move and definitely something you can do together! Bundle up and bring your dog outside in the snow. Lay down to start making your snow angel and see if your dog joins you! Many pups like to roll around in the snow anyway and they might feel compelled when they see their best friend doing it as well. Don’t forget to take a cute pic of your angels afterwards for Instagram!