A Dog with a Blog

Hey guys, I’m Carlos and I’m at AWS waiting for my new home.


Hi guys, you know what’s funny? I’m a good luck charm here at AWS. Every time I make new friends out in the play yards, they get adopted! I love being a good luck charm but I would love for the luck to rub off on me too.

There seems to be some confusion out there in the world that I have to be the only pet in home. That’s not the case. I like other dogs. I am able to make friends with lots of other dogs. Not every dog, of course, just like you – I’m sure you’re not friends with every single person you meet, but you do like plenty of them. And that’s how I am with dogs – I like most of them but not every single one. And I’m able to make friends off leash. That’s the thing – I do great out in the play yards here at AWS when I can run free and play with my friends or when my friend Kim takes me home to visit with her canine family, but I’m very different on leash. When I’m on leash, I tend to bark at everything I see – cats, squirrels, falling leaves, and even other dogs. So if that’s why you thought I couldn’t be around other dogs, please come see me when I’m not on a leash, when I’m free to run around and play.

If you have a dog and you think your dog and I might be friends (or even siblings some day) please give AWS a call to chat with the adoption counselors. Tell them Carlos sent you!


Happy Monday! Today I thought I’d share my top five rainy day activities:
1. Watch the raindrops make patterns on the window
2. Do my zoomies through the living room
3. Test out and organize all my toys
4. Kick back with a nice pupichino and binge watch my new favorite tv show
5. Make you go out in the rain with me anyway because I don’t mind getting wet!


My friends here told me about another dog, kinda like me, named Big Mac, who lived at AWS for a long time. Big Mac took to social media and wrote what they call a blog to help his new people find him. And boy did it work out! He has the BEST family! Now I don’t consider myself much of a writer but I’m willing to give it a shot. I’d like for you all to get to know me! I’m a dog, so why not have a blog? Should I call it my dog blog, my blog o’dog or my dlog? Check back regularly to learn more about me!