A ‘Rey’ of Sunshine

Looking for your own personal ‘Rey’ of sunshine? Your perfect dog awaits!
Hi there! My name is Rey and let me be the first to say that it’s so nice to meet you! I’m glad that I was brave enough to put my paws to the keys today and write this little letter about myself because usually, I’m far too shy. I can sometimes be a little weary around new people and I often find myself more introverted than I’d like to be. So today I woke up, put my best collar on and thought “Rey, today’s the day you take a stand and finally find your forever family!” Now that I’m really doing it, it feels so good to put myself out there. I just hope I make a good impression for my people because I can’t wait to get adopted!

Let’s see, where should I start? I originally came to AWS after my first family could no longer care for me. I was definitely scared at first and had a hard time fitting in. Eventually, however, I made some friends who thought it was best for me to go into a foster home. Now that I’m with my foster, I feel so much better! He’s a great guy and I love to run and play and do cool tricks with him. It really has been quite the experience! Despite fitting right in, however, I know I can’t stay here forever. I’m ready to start that next chapter in my life with a family of my own who can give me all the love in the world, because that’s what I have to give in return.

And speaking of my perfect family, I’m definitely a girl who will need to be your one and only. You see, I like to run and pounce and play and sometimes my kitty cat companions don’t appreciate that. I also like my personal space and wouldn’t want to have to share my new people with another pup. It’s not that I don’t like other dogs, I just want to be the only one for you! Lastly, I also want to bring to your attention the fact that I have some chronic hip and knee pain. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and in the past, it has made me cranky sometimes. Now that I’m on new pain medication, though, my issues are being controlled and I’m a whole new dog! I would, however, still like my new home not to have any children who might pet me the wrong way. I know they mean no harm, but sometimes it can be scary for a dog like me. I really appreciate all that has been done to help me get where I am now, and I am just so pumped to finally make the journey home!

I know that my needs might sound like a lot and I can understand needing to find just the right people for me, but I promise that I have so much love and light to give. I want to be your own personal ‘rey’ of sunshine! You see, once I make that special connection with someone, I give my whole heart to them. I would love to run and play and explore with you. I would love to be your travel companion during car rides and sit in the kitchen while you cook. I want to curl up at your feet while you read and scare those pesky squirrels off your lawn. I promise to be there every morning when you first wake up so even when it’s cloudy, you’ll have a little ‘rey’ of sunshine for your very own. I promise to be your new best friend for life. And I never break my promises.