Autumn Activities for Dogs

Now that autumn is officially here, there are many fun and festive activities that you and your dog can do together to celebrate the season!

Go For a Hike
Autumn is the perfect time of year to going hiking with your furry friend. The foliage is bright and beautiful, the air is crisp and cool, and there are so many new smells for your pup to enjoy. Plus, getting outside for some exercise and fresh air is good for the brain!

Enjoy a Hayride
Hayrides are quintessential fall—and they’re not just for us humans! Hayrides provide your dog with fresh air, fun, and a leisurely ride through a field or farm. For dogs who enjoy the simple things in life, this could be the perfect autumn activity for you to do together.

Go Apple Picking
Another common fall favorite is to go apple picking. Many orchards and farms allow dogs to be a part of the fun, and all those apples can be put to good use in making homemade dog treats!

Explore a Ghost Tour
Ghost tours are popular in many old towns around Halloween time. These spooky adventures walk through haunted locations and look for any ghosts lurking about. Since many are outside, dogs are sometimes allowed on the graveyard tours and can add a little extra fun to the fright!

Have a Movie Marathon
Most dogs already love to snuggle on the couch, so what better way to celebrate autumn than with a scary movie marathon! Put on some cult classics and huddle up under a blanket with your best friend. It’s bound to be a fun time!

Go Trick-or-Treating
When Halloween night finally arrives, don’t leave Fido at home! Trick-or-treating is a great way for your dog to get out and meet other pets and people in the neighborhood. You might even be able to dress them up in a cute costume!

Pick Some Pumpkins
What’s autumn without some pumpkins on the porch? Many local farms and orchards allow dogs to go pumpkin picking and enjoy the activity with their families. Plus, just like with the apples, you can turn those freshly picked pumpkins into some tasty dog treats!

Jump in Leaves
Remember doing this as a kid? Well, dogs love it just as much as you did! Try raking up some leaves into a big pile and then running or jumping into it with your dog. Make it a fun game where you toss the leaves around and try to catch them in the air. We bet your best friend will be thrilled to play along!