Born to Be Unique!

Hi there! My name is Mae and I’m a special kitty with an awesome story to tell. I’m not your average cat, and that’s okay with me. I was born to be unique!

Hi, I’m Mae (did I say that already?). I’m only two and a half years old and I’m looking for my happy, new home. I’m currently at the Animal Welfare Society hoping to get adopted by my special family (but you probably already knew that.) I bet what you didn’t know is that I’m also a super special kitty. That’s right, I know I’m unique! You see, I have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (or FIV) which is a slow-acting viral disease that may eventually compromise my immune system. However, never fear! With regular vet check-ups, a healthy diet, and a clean, safe home environment, I can totally live a long and normal lifespan! I might have flair-ups now and again, but everyone gets sick sometimes, right? I promise that my special condition is no big deal to me and that I live everyday like it’s the best day ever. I just have so much I want to see and do in my life!

Oh, you’re also probably wondering about my eye, right? Well, that’s nothing to worry about either! I just have a very prominent third eyelid that overlaps my eye more than it should. It sometimes gives me mild irritation but again, it’s no big deal to me. I can even still see through it! I actually think I look kinda cool, like a pirate perhaps. What? You don’t think cats can be pirates? Well, let me show you! Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that I have a few special quirks that you might not find in your average cat. But that’s okay with me because I’m totally not average! I was born to be unique, and those little quirks make me who I am. Spend just five minutes with me and I promise we’ll be best friends. Think of all the amazing stories you can tell your friends about me!

I want to be adopted ASAP because while I love it here at AWS, I’m just so ready to start my next swashbuckling adventure! You see, I’m a little cat with a whole lot of personality and spunk and these cattages just can’t contain me anymore! I like to open doors sometimes and let myself out into the world. It’s kinda my thing. But don’t worry, I always make friends along the way who bring me back to my little house. However, should I be adopted, think of all the places I could explore! A whole new world would open up for me! And think of all the toys! And the cat trees! And, of course, you! That’s the best part, really. I want to find my special person who’s as unique and awesome as I am. I also love other animals and would totally fit into almost any household. I like to think that my perfect home is almost complete, they just need a little Mae Mae in their life!

Long story short, I know I’d make the perfect cat for you. I’m so full of life and love and energy and we could be best friends forever. My life is pretty good and I’m always staying positive but until I find my family, I’m going to be just one little pirate in a wide, open world. Won’t you join my crew? Give my friends a call at (207) 985-3244 to sign up, matey!