Help Your Pet Keep Cool

Temperatures are running high and it’s important that everyone stays safe. Learn how to keep your pet cool and comfortable during these harsh, humid months so they can have a safe and carefree summer!

Head for the Water
Allowing your pet to get wet and wild is a great way to keep them cool in extreme temperatures. Go for a swim, run through the sprinkler, head to the beach, or wade through local streams and ponds. Any way you can get them wet, they’ll be grateful!

Minimize Exercise
We all know animals need exercise, but on days when the heat is high consider keeping it to a minimum. Walk your dog in the early morning and late evening when the temperature has cooled, and avoid jogs, hikes, and long play sessions. Try some indoor fun instead!

Keep it Cool and Controlled
On hot days when you must leave your pet alone, make sure they are in a temperature-controlled space or have access to shade or covered places. Always leave an abundance of water and turn the lights off before you go. It’s important for your pet to stay relaxed!

Let Your Pet Settle
Often times, your furry friend will resort to their natural instincts in extreme heat. This usually means finding dark places, laying on cold surfaces, digging up cool earth, and perhaps not eating or moving as much. Allow your pet to do the things that keep them naturally comfortable, and don’t be alarmed if you find them in unusual places!

Know the Warning Signs
We hate to think of our pets in trouble, but with rising temperatures it’s important to know the signs of heat stress in animals. Usually this includes excessive drooling or panting, red gums and skin, high body temperature, being uncoordinated, and vomiting. Call your vet immediately if you think your pet has heat stress!