Love, Loyalty & Snuggles

Hi there! My name is Kyra and I’m so glad you found my post! I’m a lovely Georgia peach who has come to Maine in search of my new family. Could it possibly be with you??

Let me break the ice by telling you a little about myself. I think it’s so great to be outdoors in the fresh air so I am looking for someone who will take me out to explore- I love hiking and using my nose to experience new and interesting things. New England is great for exploring with so many trees and hills and trails and outdoor spaces. I am so glad I am here in Maine where I can find my new home. What a great state! However, I have noticed that it rains a lot here, and the other day there were cold white things falling from the sky! Oh my – what was that all about?!?! On those days we can’t go out for a good long stroll or a hike, I don’t mind playing with my toys inside where it is nice and warm and dry. Now back to that strange precipitation? Does a lot of that cold white stuff fall here in Maine? I sure hope not! Or maybe I will grow to love it – lots of us Georgia peaches do!

So I’ve told you about the outdoors, but what about the indoors? What would I like my new home to be like? I would likely do best without feline housemates. Something about them just makes me want to play chase! And they might not like that so much… Same goes for small children as well. I wouldn’t want to be knocking anyone down! I also should let you know that men can be pretty scary for me, especially when I first meet them. I’ll definitely need some time and a little training to feel more comfortable around them. It can be hard to meet new people! So, I am hoping my new home will have at least one gal pal for me, maybe even two!!

Let’s see what else can I tell you about me? I love to play games with my people and I’m still learning to play fetch – I’m good at the bringing it back part, but not so much at the giving it up bit. But we’ll figure it out together, won’t we? Me and my new people! Speaking of doing things together…my buddies here at AWS tell me that training would be a fun way to learn new tricks and you know what? I’m excited to learn new things and show off how smart I am!

What will I bring to my new home? Love, loyalty, snuggles, affection, my doggo good looks and of course lots of fun and adventure! Isn’t that exactly what your home needs?! I know there is someone out there who is perfect for me, just like you know there is a perfect dog out there for you! Perhaps we are perfect for each other? I hope we are because I’m so ready to find my new family and I have so much love to give! I’ve been told to be patient because good things take time, and I’m trying my very best, honest! I just want to kick off summer with my new family… doesn’t that sound fun?? If you think we might be a match, give my friends here at AWS a call at  (207) 985-3244 or check out my adoption page. I can’t wait to meet you!