Meet Tank & Tyson!

Tank & Tyson are two special brothers who came from the same home, but need to find separate new families to live with. They’re both cute and quirky in their own ways and looking for someone to love!

Tank looking so handsome!

Tank and Tyson are littermates and brothers who used to share the same home. They’re both affectionate with people and the ones whom they love, but are now looking for separate families to go home with. These handsome siblings found their way to AWS after their original owner could no longer care for them, and they’re both ready to kick off this exciting new chapter in their lives!

Because they are brothers, Tank and Tyson share similar traits. They’re both goofy, both energetic and both love to play outside and explore. You can see the similarities in their ears and faces, although Tank is a handsome shade of honey blonde and Tyson is a striking black beauty. Perhaps because they’re so similar, though, Tank and Tyson would do best living separate lives. In the home, they often would become anxious around each other and try to take the other’s space, toys or food. In order to live happy, healthy and carefree lives now, both brothers need to find their perfect home free of other dogs, cats, and small children. We know their perfect families are out there somewhere!

Tank can be a little anxious around new people, but tends to warm up quickly when out for a walk or getting cookies. He loves the fresh air and playing with toys! Jolly balls are his absolute favorite and he’s also the king of tug-of-war. He’s not picky when it comes to his toys! Although he can’t live with another dog in his new home, he might be interested in making doggy friends when out and about, so long as everyone is respectful. He’s coming out of his shell and we know Tank will thrive when with his perfect people to guide him!

Tyson sitting pretty

Tyson is more social and outgoing than his brother, and he likes to go for walks through the Maine woods. He tends to jump up for hugs and likes attention from his human friends. He’s amazing at taking selfies and is always giving kisses while trying to take photos. He also loves butt scratches! Like his brother, Tyson can be a little weary around new people, but tends to warm up quickly with cookies and gentle pets. He would love to share a spot on your couch or be your copilot in the car! He also might be interested in making doggy friends when out for a walk and not in his home. He can be quite the social guy!

Both brothers will make wonderful companions to their new people and are looking for the home of their dreams. If you want a fun, outgoing, adventurous, playful and loyal dog to be your new best friend and companion for life, consider Tank or Tyson! Please check out their profiles on our adoption page and give us a call at ☎︎ (207) 985-3244 for more information on these boys. They’re just waiting for that phone call that will bring them home!