Microchips Keep Families Together

WHAT IS A MICROCHIP?: A microchip is a small device (the size of a grain of rice) inserted under a pet’s skin, usually in the back of their neck. A microchip contains contact information, similar to what you engrave on your pet’s tag. As tags often fall off when a pet gets lost or they accidentally get out of the house without wearing a collar, a microchip ensures you can be located if your pet is found. A common misconception is that a microchip is a GPS tracker that can help you locate your missing pet. While it is not a GPS tracker, it is a crucial part of a swift reunion for a lost pet and its beloved family.

HOW DOES A MICROCHIP WORK?: A microchip contains your contact information electronically. Though a linked website, you can keep your information up-to-date. All animal shelters, most veterinarians and many police departments have special microchip scanners. When an unidentified pet comes in, a quick scan will reveal if there is a chip. If there is, the contact information will pop up and a reunion can be facilitated immediately.

WHERE TO GET A MICROCHIP?: Microchips can be inserted at a veterinarian’s office. It’s a painless procedure that takes only a few minutes.

All dogs and cats adopted from AWS have a microchip – it is part of the adoption fee. At adoption, AWS counselors instruct the pet’s new owner on how to enter the proper contact information.

If you are unsure if your pet has a microchip, or if you would like your pet to get one, the Community Veterinary Clinic, right here at AWS, can help. Our licensed veterinary technicians offer stand-alone microchip appointments for $30, or you can have one inserted during your pet’s wellness visit or during any procedure. Please call the Clinic at (207) 292-2424 or fill out our New Client Form to get started.


Last month, a young male black cat came to AWS as a stray from a neighboring town. He had no collar or tags. The first thing we did – as always – is scan him for a microchip. Immediately, his name, Goblin, and family’s contact information popped up. Within an hour of his arrival, Goblin’s people were here to pick him up!

“Thank you again so much for re-uniting us with our kitty Goblin! It was such a shock that he’d been found, he had been missing for two months, if not a little over! Thank goodness for the microchip 🙂  We are so happy to have him back!!” Goblin spent his first few days back catching up on lost naps ( ⤵️  ) and lost meals!