Now is the time to adopt!

There’s never been a better time to adopt! Spring is a wonderful time of year to get a new furry friend and we have five reasons why!

1. Things are warming up
Spring is in the air and that means more opportunities to get outside with your dog. As the snow melts away, you and your new pup can spend precious bonding time together during walks or playing in the yard. And since summer is a season for outside fun and constant activities, adopting a dog in the spring can help you two learn about each other and prepare for a summer full of fun!

2. Days are getting longer
With the time change that always comes in spring, days seem to get longer, and the light lasts later. This means more opportunities for you and your new dog to get outside, bond, play and, if needed, train! The sun sets so early in the winter that sometimes it can seem like your whole day is gone by early evening. But thanks to springing our clocks ahead, you now have all the time in the world for a new, furry friend!

3. Winter blues are leaving
Winters can be long and dark, especially here in Maine. Many people feel a sense of sadness or apathy during winter months and might not have the energy or time to adopt a new pet. However, dogs are great therapists and as the world comes back to life in time for spring, there’s no better companion to help you shake away those winter blues! Add the sunshine, warmth, and wag of a happy tail, and you have the perfect recipe for adopting!

4. Spring cleaning is happening
During this time, people everywhere prepare for the onslaught of summer chaos by cleaning out their house and reflecting on the here and now. Spring cleaning is a time for getting rid of the old and inviting in the new, the perfect time to adopt a new friend! As you get rid of clutter and piled up junk, you make space for a new addition and reimagine how your life and living space could be with a dog. You might just find they’re that special something that’s missing from your life!

5. Love is always in season
Despite the time of year, adopting a new pet will always bring love and happiness to your life. Companionship, loyalty, snuggles, happy tails and tiny kisses are all things you can look forward to when adopting a dog. Life can seem overwhelming sometimes, but luckily love is always in season and dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. If you’ve been thinking about extending your family by adding a furry friend, now is the time! There’s so much happiness (and wet dog nose) waiting for you!