Pet of the Week: Champion

Ready to meet the champ?! This weeks featured pet is Champion and he’s beyond ready to blog about it. Hear from him directly as he tells you his story!

“Hi everyone! It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Champion and I’m the featured pet of AWS this week. Can you believe it?! I’m excited to share that I’ve always wanted a special feature because I love the spotlight and I feel like I deserve some airtime. Being a 10-month-old Pitbull mix, you can see why I thrive on attention and socialization. I just love being surrounded by my adoring fans!

Anyway, what’s there to say about me? Well, for starters, I loooove to play and can usually be found trotting around outside with a toy in my mouth enticing people to play tug-of-war with me. I have a lot of energy and would love if my new family did, too. Imagine all the hikes and swims and adventures we would take together! Of course, I also have my down time and would make a great snuggle companion. I might have a big, block head, but I’m a champ at everything I do, including snuggling. Hey, that’s probably why they call me Champion! Playing, snuggling, hiking, friendship, loyalty… I’m a champion of it all!

I’ve been here at AWS for over a month now, and while I’m loving all the staff and volunteers who walk me, play with me, and take me fun places, I can’t wait to do those things with a family of my very own. I might be a big dog with a lot of energy, but I’m ready to channel that energy into being the perfect family pet. I love people and am always eager to please my fans, and therefore I’m the perfect candidate for training. Plus, I love cookies. And treats. And toys. And attention. So yeah, there are a lot of motivators for me. I know I can be a goofball and total ham sometimes, but I promise I’m smart, too. I’m ready to please and ready to love!

I know I would make a wonderful companion for my perfect people and I’m ready to prove myself. Every dog deserves a family and I believe every family deserves a dog. That’s why they call us ‘man’s best friend!’ Take a chance on me and learn why I fit my name. I’ll be a champion friend, companion, protector, and co-pilot. I promise I won’t let you down! Give my friends here at AWS a call at (207) 985-3244 or stop by the Adoption Center today to meet me. Just say ‘I’m ready to meet the champ!'”