Reasons to Adopt a Rooster

Just like any other animal that finds itself without a home, roosters deserve to be adopted out and cared for. It seems, however, that even with the growing interest in keeping backyard chickens, roosters tend to be overlooked. But did you know that there are many good reasons to add a rooster to your flock? You might just be surprised at how quirky and caring these regal birds can really be!

Added Protection: Roosters are naturally protective of their territory and their hens, so adding a rooster to your barnyard is a great way to warn off predators. Roosters have been known to chase away everything from foxes to hawks who might be after your hens or their eggs. Roosters also have a repertoire of noises they make that can warn both you and your hens of an oncoming predator before they can even make their move. Now that’s dedication!

Helps Egg Production: While you don’t need a rooster around your hens for them to be able to lay eggs, studies have shown that having a rooster present can help in a faster and more productive egg season. Roosters can also provide a means for you to hatch baby chicks yourself rather than having to get them elsewhere. This is healthier for your mama hens and for her chicks!

Good Mediator: It may sound silly, but anyone who has owned chickens knows that there can be a lot of drama. Chickens live within a pecking order and sometimes the ones at the bottom can be picked on or cause problems with the other hens. However, a rooster is a good mediator between the hens and part of his job in protecting them is to break up squabbles. This can actually help to improve the lives of the lesser hens and keep them happy and safe!

Pest Control: Just like all chickens, roosters like to eat ticks, mosquitos, worms, grubs and other pests around your backyard and property. Adding a rooster or two to your flock can actually help in controlling pests to a greater degree because with a rooster there to protect them, your hens will be able to roam farther to find more pests. It’s a natural form of pest control!

Friendly and Majestic: It seems that roosters get a bad rap for being too aggressive or loud. However, the truth is that just like with any domestic animal, roosters can be trained and are often not aggressive unless pushed to be so. Many roosters enjoy being petted, spoken to and fed. They don’t mind being picked up or carried around, and some are even known to be house-trained! Plus, they’re very majestic, beautiful birds who are entertaining to watch and fun to have around. It is true that roosters like to crow, but crowing is no different than a dog barking or a cat meowing… it’s simply how they speak and communicate with each other and with you. If anything, it will help to get you going in the morning!

Need Good Homes: Animal sanctuaries and shelters tend to be overwhelmed with rooster requests and the sad fact is that many won’t make it out. By adopting a rooster or choosing to keep one in your flock, you’ve made the kind decision to save a life and give a deserving animal a good home. We’re willing to bet you won’t be disappointed!

Roosters might not be ideal for everyone, but they certainly deserve to be loved and cared for like any other animal. If you’ve ever considered getting backyard chickens or adding to your flock, now might be the perfect time to adopt a rooster!