Snuffle Mats to Make at Home

What’s a snuffle mat you ask? It’s an easy-to-make enrichment toy for dogs or cats that allow them to use their brain and nose to sniff out treats hidden inside. And the best part is, you make them right at home!

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Materials Needed:
● Rubber Sink or Door Mat with Holes (cut to desired size)
● Washable fleece fabric or cloths
● Scissors

1. Cut your mat to desired size.
2. Cut your fabric into 1 inch wide, 8 – 10 inch length strips.
3. Take one strip and push one end through a mat hole and then take the other end of
the fabric strip and feed it through the hold next to the first one. Flip the rubber mat over
and tie the fabric strip into a knot.
4. Repeat this step until the entire mat is full and there are no empty spots.
5. Turn the mat over and give it a good shake to remove any fleece particles. Sprinkle
with treats or kibble and let your pet explore, sniff, and search!








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