Update Your Pet’s Identification

September is National Preparedness Month, so it’s the perfect time to consider how to include your pet(s) in your family’s disaster plan. One easy way? Update their identification!

No matter what type of animal you may own, having a plan in place ahead of time will cause less difficulty, stress, and confusion when and if an emergency occurs. An important part of this plan is to make sure your pet’s identification and information is up to date and accurate. Should you have to evacuate and somehow get separated from your pet, this is the quickest and easiest way to be reunited with them.

Make sure your pet is microchipped, wearing ID tags on their collar or harness, and that all information is up to date and correct. Almost any animal can be microchipped at a clinic or vet office, and many places have easy and affordable tag machines that design and print an animal ID tag right on the spot. In fact, we have one right in our Adoption Center lobby for your convenience!

The last thing you want during an emergency is to have to worry about losing your pet. Making sure their ID is up to date will save you a lot of worry in the long run!