Why Adopt a Rabbit?

Rabbits make wonderful pets! If you’re looking for a calm and quiet new friend, consider adopting a bunny into your heart and home!

Why adopt a rabbit? Not only will you help in housing a homeless animal, but rabbits make wonderful companions to those who choose to love them.

Many rabbits can be litter-box trained just like a cat. Rabbits are naturally clean animals and therefore will choose to eliminate in a regular spot that can be easily cleaned. They also like to spend time grooming and pruning themselves just like a cat would!

Rabbits live a long time. With the average lifespan of a rabbit being 10-12 years (with some living up to 15 depending on the breed), you can expect to have many years of love and companion with your furry friend. This is the same average lifespan of a dog or cat!

Rabbits are great apartment pets and can easily adapt to living situations. While they will need time to roam free and space to get exercise, rabbits don’t necessarily need a large backyard or a lot of open space to be happy. Most are content to hop through tunnel systems and have many toys to play with. Plus, they’re quiet and clean and won’t disturb your neighbors!

Rabbits tend to be crepuscular. This means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. This means that your bunny will be ready to play when you are! If you follow a regular schedule of being gone during the day and coming home at night, your rabbit should be happily calm and content while you’re at work and ready to play at the end of the day. This makes keeping them happy and healthy easy!

Rabbits show a wide range of emotions and personalities. If you’re someone who wants more personality in a pet, a rabbit might be a good fit! Bunnies tend to leap and pop when they’re happy, and thump and growl when they’re upset. They can be cuddly and sweet and sassy and silly all in one day. You’ll be surprised at how often your rabbit keeps you laughing!

Rabbits are relatively low maintenance. Although every pet requires regular care, attention and trips to the vet, rabbits tend to be hearty and healthy animals that can live a long time indoors. They enjoy having toys to play with and tunnels to hop through, but don’t require the constant care a larger pet might.

We think rabbits are unique in their ability to thrive as our companions as well as be independent, quiet animals who live every day to their fullest. Rabbits can bring endless amounts of joy and love to a home and for those who choose to adopt one, they can make lifelong connections with these silly lagomorphs. Please consider a rabbit as your next furry friend!