Why Adopt a Senior Pet?

We think senior pets are some of the best companions out there and bring their own special benefits to those who choose to love them. So why adopt a senior animal?

There are many great reason why adding an older pet to your family could be perfect for you, but we’ve narrowed down our top five! Our own Golden Oldies, as we lovingly refer to them, are sweet, gentle and loving pets who just want a quiet, calm home to live out their golden years in. Good thing there are so many reasons why adopting a senior pet could change both your lives for the better!

1. They already know the ropes! Senior pets usually come from homes where they’ve already learned how to be good companion animals. Dogs usually come already trained and knowing how to stick to a routine, while cats are familiar with being handled and doing their own thing. While adding any new animal to your family will require a transitional period where people and pet must figure things out together, senior pets tend to be calmer, more independent, and require less constant care and attention than a puppy or kitten.

2. They become instant companions. Senior animals are often looking for stability and routine in their golden years of life and so waste no time bonding with their new families. Many senior pets remember what it’s like to have a warm bed and a human that loves them, and they’ll be forever grateful that you gave them that again. You’ll have an almost instant companion for life!

3. There are few surprises. Sometimes adopting a younger pet can be a gamble. With a senior animal, however, you already know almost everything about them going in. You know their size, how much food or medication they’ll need, their personality and quirks, and what they prefer in their new home. In this sense, adopting a senior pet nearly always assures that you’ll make the perfect match and be happy together for the rest of their years.

4. They’re true minimalists. While many senior pets still like to have fun, they definitely don’t want the same things as a puppy or a kitten. Senior pets don’t require the same amount of toys, treats, and entertainment that their younger companions do, and you usually don’t have to worry about them getting bored, destructive or clingy. Most senior pets are just happy to be a part of the family and to be beside you wherever that may lead. Material objects are nothing compared to true love!

5. All that silver fur! We’re not going to lie… we love the gray faces of senior dogs and the beautiful silver fur of older cats. There’s just something about the soulful, older face of a senior pet that makes you grateful to be in their presence. You might not be able to ask your senior about their life story, but knowing that you get to be a part of it is something truly special and unique!