Wellness Boosters

What is a Wellness Booster?

A Wellness Booster is a business committed to providing pet medical care through AWS’ Strut Your Mutt dog walk and annual fundraiser. Wellness Boosters support the work that takes place at the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic, which serves more than 5,000 animals each year, both from the shelter pet population and pets of income-qualified individuals in the community. Together, we provide access to affordable veterinary care needed for pets to live a healthy and happy life at home.

Wellness Booster Levels

Superhero: $1,250*

As a superhero, you support the costs of surgeries. Surgeries include routine mass removals to more complex orthopedic procedures and eye care. Each surgery is unique and requires a correct balance of veterinary skill, anesthesia, pain medication and follow-up care. Be a surgery superhero!

Mogul: $800*

Moguls support dental procedures. Most senior animals, both dogs and cats, require regular full dental cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy and help them maintain their overall health in their golden years. Be a dental mogul!

Standout: $600*

Spaying and neutering continues to be the most common procedure at our Clinic and as a standout, you support the surgery and aftercare for a mother dog or cat and her litter. Be a spay/neuter standout!

*Standout, Mogul and Superhero sponsorship booster fees can be waived if you commit to raising the equivalent or greater by the date of the event. AWS will assist in setting up an online fundraising page.

Leader: $400

During diagnostics, x-rays are used to determine broken limbs, sprained paws, foreign object ingestion and more. Full panel bloodwork assists veterinarians in diagnosing many diseases or chronic conditions, including feline diabetes, hyperthyroidism or heart worms. Lab work and x-rays are essential diagnostic tools are a basis for further care and treatment. Be a diagnostic leader!

Warrior $200

Warriors support wound care. Cleaning and suturing wounds, sustained in a fight with wildlife, a tragic accident or other means, is critical to an animal’s recovery. Wound care also involves pain medication and follow up visits. Be a wound care  warrior!

How does my business benefit?

  • Brand integration with AWS’ well-known and well-loved brand
  • Booth at event to interact with 300+ attendees and their dogs
  • Opportunity for team-building amongst employees
  • Personalized tour of AWS for you and your employees (Superhero level only)
  • Name or logo* on AWS’ Strut webpage
  • Name or logo* on banner at the event
  • Special stories from our clinic to share with employees and clients on how YOU are saving pets’ lives

*Logo available to Standout, Mogul or Superhero levels

Yes! I want my business to be a Wellness Booster!

Contact Kerrie Leclair or Courtney Holub at (207) 985-3244.