AWS Programs

As a local resource, the Animal Welfare Society’s work extends well into our community. We collaborate with a number of local and national organizations to provide humane education, outreach, and cooperative solutions to save the lives of animals in need.

AWS/Cleo Fund

Founded in Portland in 1971, the Cleo Fund was the first organization in Maine to recognize the importance of spaying and neutering pets. In 2012, the Cleo Fund selected the Animal Welfare Society to carry on its mission.

PAWS Across America

Through PAWS Across America, the Animal Welfare Society in Maine receives adoptable companion animals from other shelters and rescue groups in need of help placing their animals.

Paws in Stripes

The Animal Welfare Society is proud to partner with the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) on an exciting and heartwarming program: Paws in Stripes. This program pairs prison inmates at MCC with puppies transferred to AWS through our Paws Across America program.

Pets and Survivors to Safety (PASS)

Working in conjunction with Caring Unlimited, York County’s domestic violence resource, if a pet owner seeks services from Caring Unlimited, their pet can be passed into the care of AWS’ PASS program temporarily, allowing the owner peace of mind to focus on securing their own safety and wellbeing.

Program Partners

Our programs operate in conjunction with a number of local businesses, non-profits and business entities. These partnerships promote animal welfare and create a vibrant community for pets and the people who love them.