Pets and Survivors to Safety (PASS)

Pet owners in domestic abuse situations may hesitate to leave their abuser if they do not have a safe place to take their beloved pet. Unfortunately, many temporary housing locations such as emergency shelters do not have capacity to care for animals, even in dire circumstances. This is where AWS’ PASS program comes in.

Working in conjunction with Caring Unlimited, York County’s domestic violence resource, if a pet owner seeks services from Caring Unlimited, their pet can be passed into the care of AWS temporarily, allowing the owner greater peace of mind to focus on securing their own safety and wellbeing. AWS will house the animal and provide it with the same loving and careful attention given to each and every animal that comes to us for care. Once the pet’s owner finds safety and stability, they are reunited. Through this program, both the pet and the individual are able to find the care they needed without sacrificing their loving human-animal bond.

AWS is proud to partner with Caring Unlimited to offer this vital and lifesaving resource to pet owners in our community.

If you need help, or know someone who does, call Caring Unlimited at (800) 239-7298.