PAWS Across America

Through PAWS Across America, the Animal Welfare Society in Maine receives adoptable companion animals from other shelters and rescue groups in need of help placing their animals. In many parts of the country, there are far more animals in shelters than are adopted to the local population. PAWS Across America helps save these animals’ lives.

Working with other non-profits, including rescue and transport groups, AWS brings these animals to Maine. Transporting animals from low demand locales to high demand locales is an extraordinary collaborative effort of the entire animal welfare community. We are honored to play a part in saving the lives of thousands of pets each year.

Since PAWS Across America began in 2002, more than 12,000 dogs, cats and other small animals have found happy, loving homes here in New England.

This program operates on the basis of space availability, and local animals are always our priority. When space in our kennels is available, we are proud to extend our services and care to animals throughout Maine, New England and beyond. AWS is also an emergency placement partner for both the ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States. These national organizations rely on placement partners to provide shelter and adoption services for animals displaced by natural disasters.