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We believe pets are family, and families should stay together. When hardship happens, we want to be here to help.

Animal Welfare Society’s [email protected] program is a suite of services available to qualified community members, including seniors and veterans, who need temporary support caring for their pets. [email protected] is intended to keep pets in their homes with their families – where they are loved – by providing training resources, food, veterinary services, temporary boarding and other support as needed.

As a community resource, AWS’ [email protected] program aims to reduce local animal shelter admissions so that kennels remain available for truly homeless pets. This also allows for the lifesaving transportation of pets from other shelters in Maine needing relief and from overpopulated portions of the US.

If you believe that pets and families deserve each other for their lifetime, please support the [email protected] program with a gift today.

“Your kindness may seem simple to you, but it meant everything to me.”

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your kindness and consideration to award financial support so Tucker could receive much needed medical care. He was treated like a “king.” Forever grateful, God bless you.”