AWS Resources

At the Animal Welfare Society, we strive to be a resource for our community. In addition to the programs and services we offer, we provide a comprehensive list of resources, including how-tos for lost and found pets.

Informational Links

A collection of useful links for pet owners of all kinds.

Lost and Found

Information and advice for dealing with lost pets and how to reclaim them from AWS, should they end up here.

Educational Classes & Workshops

We are pleased to offer special education programs to our community members on a variety of topics including canine behavior and pet care.

Community Partners

We work with a number of organizations and non-profits in York County (and beyond) to promote animal welfare and create a vibrant community.

Dog Parks

The Animal Welfare Society is proud to support local efforts to establish dog parks for the use and enjoyment of four-legged friends (and their owners, too)!