Semi-social Kittens

The socialization period in cats occurs during the early weeks of a cat’s life. During this period, kittens learn how to interact appropriately with other cats, people and other animals. A kitten is most receptive to socialization between two and seven weeks of age. If the kitten is handled by people, enjoys lots of pleasant interaction with other pets and has many new experiences during this period, he or she is more likely to remain friendly toward humans and other animals and be less stressed by new experiences as well. Socialization can continue as the kitten ages but it takes patience and diligence. From time to time we have semi-social kittens available for adoption. They received minimal socialization in their early weeks and are still fearful and reserved, but are young enough that additional socialization can take place.

We first recommend introducing them to your home by confining them to a cat condo or large dog crate. This allows them to get used to seeing people walk by and begin to understand a typical day in the household. Let them acclimate to the new environment by allowing them out of confinement under supervision, while noting their behaviors. Slowly they will be become bolder and less fearful as they gain comfort in their new home. Their condo or crate should remain as a safe haven for them as they grow.

Food is a key to socialization. At least twice a day, provide a small amount of wet food to the kittens by hand. Feeding should take place out of confinement to build trust with humans. This will teach the kittens to positively associate their new humans with food.

TLC and patience will make these kittens the best, most appreciative, house pets they can be! Semi-social cats, like all cats, have individual personalities, and it’s impossible to know if they will become purring, cuddly lap cats or prefer to maintain their own space. The main thing is that they have a safe, comfortable place to call home where they are well taken care of and loved. If you think you have the time, energy and diligence it takes to raise semi-social kittens, please give us a call.

Our adoption counselors will work closely with you to make sure you have everything you need to make your new semi-social kitten’s transition safe and successful!