AWS Services and Resources

Many of the services we provide for our resident animals are also available to the public. Part of our mission is to promote the lifelong commitment of people to their pets so we provide extensive and professional resources to help families and pets stay together. When that is not possible, our animal shelter and rehoming services are available.

Veterinary Care

Keeping pets happy, healthy and at home with the people who love them is an important part of our work. The AWS Community Veterinary Clinic offers a wide array of services and procedures to aid the pets of community members and adopters.


The Animal Welfare Society is an open-admission shelter for the intake of homeless or stray animals in need. Pets in our care are given shelter, nutrition, medical care, training, and plenty of love as they await their new families.

Lost & Found

Many dogs and cats are quickly picked up by town Animal Control Officers or by concerned citizens and are brought to the shelter. Dogs are held for 6 days, but cats are only held for 48 hours as required by state law. Calling as soon as possible increases your chances of being reunited. We also encourage frequent visits to the shelter while your pet is missing.

Resources for Pet Owners

A collection of helpful links for people who need assistance covering the costs of their pets’ care, as well as spay/neuter options and other local animal shelters.

Feral Cats

Feral cats receive little to no socialization as kittens and thus do not have the demeanor to be house cats. They generally live outdoors, often on the property of a caretaker, who keeps an eye on them and provides access to shelter, food and water. AWS offers several resources to local feral cat caretakers.

Mother Spay Program

If your female dog or cat is expecting or just had babies, we can help through our Mother Spay Program. Once the litter is weaned, we will spay the mother at no cost to you and find homes for all the little ones if you admit them to AWS’ Adoption Program.

End of Life Care

AWS offers cost-effective cremation services to pet owners and animal care professionals through Final Gift Pet Memorial Center located in Middleboro, Mass.


We are pleased to offer special educational programs to our community members on a variety of topics including canine behavior and pet care. These programs take place from time to time in our training classroom. For upcoming sessions, visit our event listings.