Educational Classes & Workshops

We are pleased to offer special educational programs to our community members on a variety of topics including canine behavior and pet care. For upcoming sessions, visit our event listings.

Canine Training Workshops

Humans only workshops cover a variety of training topics, including dog park etiquette, proper puppy play, handling shy or reactive dogs and other relevant topics. Workshops generally last an hour to an hour and a half with time for questions and answers at the end.

Species Spotlight

In partnership with Herp Haven, a Maine based reptile rescue and sanctuary, join us as we shed light on exotic pets.  Each workshop covers the extensive care that goes into having an exotic animal as a pet. It will go in depth on one specific animal and include:

  • daily care including feeding, cleaning and grooming
  • proper habitats
  • safe handling
  • animal behavior & body language

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the animal first-hand and ask questions. Young attendees will be given a fun, educational project to complete during the session. The project will be geared towards children ages 9-13 but all ages are welcome to come and learn. Workshops are free and open to the public.

Foster Family Educational Series

Workshops in this series are open to the general public, in addition to our foster families. Topics can include bottle feeding orphaned kittens, general medical care, pet-to-pet introductions and other topics that help our foster families succeed and enjoy their experience.

Medical Fostering
Taught by the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic’s April Morin, LVT, the first in our Foster Family Educational Series, medical fostering, covered the basics of administering eye, ear and oral medications, giving insulin shots and providing wound care to cats.

This handout provides more information on the topics covered in this class.