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We adopted Flip-Flop (now Arwen) a little over a year ago and she has absolutely stolen our hearts. Her affectionate personality and energetic lifestyle have kept all of us happy and healthy. Thank you so much AWS for rescuing our beautiful girl from the high-kill shelter in Georgia, where she was set to be euthanized. We simply cannot imagine our lives without this bundle of joy.

Arwen is such a happy dog and is living a good life with our family. We take her on family hikes, canoe rides, and even on shopping trips through Lowe’s. She loves it all and especially loves all the other people and dogs she gets to meet. She has even formed close bonds with her feline siblings, to the point that we often find them grooming each other. She is truly an integral part of our entire family and neighborhood.

And because Arwen is such a happy and loving dog, we are now in the process of training her to be a therapy dog at nursing homes and hospitals so she can spread that happiness even further.

Warm Regards,