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Hello everybody thought I would let you know how Hope is doing. She is doing very well 🙂 She loves going in the pen and running and playing with me; I think I like it as much as she does lol! She is also getting better with come and sit. Sometimes she gets a treat, sometimes just high praise but she likes it either way 🙂 I have her on 4 Health dog food beef flavored to put some pounds on her, however because she wolf’s it down I hand feed her to slow her down. She is eating 3 times a day but not to much as I don’t want to cause bloat. She gets 3 hard boiled eggs for her protein snacks as well as Pupperoni for in-between meals and for training. We usually take a mid day nap and cuddle up either on the floor or bed together. She and Elloree have had a couple moment’s so we are taking it slow; it just takes time and patience. She sleeps in a kennel cage in my room at night and has only had 1 potty in the house. She’s learning that we go outside as soon as she wakes up from a nap. She doesn’t like to get in a vehicle so I have to get in the back and lay down and talk to her but then she enjoys the ride 🙂 I am in the process of changing her name as I don’t know her memories and want a complete fresh start ( I will keep you posted on that.) I also play guitar and sing. Hope didn’t seem to understand it so I put on some music her first night at home before bed. After several song’s we found her favorite! Her favorite song is Pompeii by Bastille. It really got her attention so I play that for her every night before bed and she is already learning that means it’s bed time. Had to share that with you all. And last night I got my baby Camden’s ashes and paw print back I was so sad but Hope knew just what to do as she washed my face lol. Again who saved whom?

Hello everybody hope you’re all well. Hope has her new name to go with her new beginning. Her name is Avalon which means Lady of the lake. She has taken quite well to Ellerie and is learning pretty fast to sit for her leash to go out and then sit at the door before being released to go outside in the pen. I still keep a tag along leash on her in the pen just in case but never has she tried to get out if the fence and I stay with her. It has also become our favorite training area!