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Bailee, a little red toy/mini male 7 yr old poodle arrived in a transport truck from Georgia a few days earlier. A dog trainer friend knew I was searching for another poodle after losing my eldest toy poodle. Bailee was fraught with anxiety and cowered in the pen. He was a bit aggressive as people approached him too. No one was sure he was actually adoptable. I traveled to Maine on my day off to see if he might be a fit for me and my household. I think we spent 4 hours together walking the AWS grounds, sitting close. He showed no aggression towards me. I took him home to NH that night where he has remained for the past 4 years. He is a guarder and protects me and my other elderly toy poodle. He sleeps with me every night and is always by my side. It was fate for our paths to meet and a perfect match for my heart and home. Thank you, AWS for bringing him to New England and giving us many Valentine’s Day celebrations to complete a love story!